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You are going to love your childcare photography experience!

You will be visiting this page if your Preschool, Daycare, Family Daycare Kindergarten Prep or Childcare Centre has booked us to photograph your little ones at preschool. Below is some useful information you help you prepare for your preschool portrait session with us.

To have your child's photograph taken, you must register them first. Please ensure you take a moment to read the terms of purchase located on this page.


The Bump to Bounce Photography way is a fun, natural and organic approach to capturing your child’s personality, little quirks, laughter and where possible, genuine smiles.

You will receive a gallery of 6-10 childcare photos of each individual child to choose from.

SIBLINGS - Siblings can be photographed together.

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STEP 2 - Prepare Your Child for Preschool Photo Week

You can help prepare your child for their daycare photo session by talking to them about Preschool Portrait Week, tell them that Rebecca (or Bec) will be taking their photo, she's really funny, a little bit crazy, wants to see how clever you are, has some fun games and loves to see beautiful big smiles.

If your child is a little shy, dont worry, I work gently with all children to bring out their personality and have an array of tricks if need be (I apologise in advance if they chant "Daddy's got Stinky Feet" for a week!).


Dress appropriately for the weather. That little summer dress may be super cute, however if it is only 18 degrees she will be shivering with purple lips!

Pack a change of clothes just in case they end up wearing morning tea. Aim for single and neutral colours. Avoid slogans, distracting images and busy patterns. Please, avoid red and fluro tones near faces. BUT, if Elsa, Lightening McQueen or that hot pink top is all they want to wear, just go with it, we all prefer happy kids!


If you do not intend to purchase images of your child or you do not wish for your child’s photo to be taken, please advise your educators.

STEP 3 - During Daycare Photo Week

Each registered child will be photographed providing approximately 6-8 photographs per child.

Class Photographs

A composite photograph is created for each classroom

NOTE: You will NOT be able to view the class portrait prior to purchase.

Sibling Photographs

Do you have more than one child in childcare? We will do our best to photograph your children together however out or respect for nap and meal times, we are unable to guarantee they will be photographed together.

* Which day will my child be photographed?

If your child attends multiple days, we will photograph them their first day in attendance. Your educators will advise if your child was unable to be photographed that day.

If you wish to select a specific day for your child to be photographed, please register them for that day only and ensure you advise your educators.

STEP 4 - Viewing & Ordering


This is the hard part, waiting to see your photographs! After photo week, your child's photographs will be processed, sorted, edited and uploaded to a private online gallery. This can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on how many children at your Centre, and the time of year. We know this is the most exciting part and can feel like forever, but please be patient during our high season of August to November, we work as quickly as we can to deliver all our wonderful families the very best quality photographs!

You will receive an email from Bump to Bounce Photography with your password to access your private online gallery.

Note 1 - the gallery is private for the protection of your children so do not share it with anyone

Note 2 - If you lose your password, you will be asked a series of security questions relating to your child's registration, to ensure passwords are only given to the registered parent/guardian.

You will have ONE WEEK to order your images online.

Orders are placed online via your private gallery.

2020 Price List

STEP 5 - Delivery


If you purchase digital photographs, you will receive an email with a link to download the files instantly.


Print parcels will be delivered to your Childcare Centre for collection approximately 2 weeks after the order closing date (with the exception of Christmas period closures when delivery may be longer).


The fine print can be boring but it is really important that you take a quick moment to read and understand what you are agreeing to when you register your child for preschool photos.

By registering for preschool portraits you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

- I, the Client understand that the minimum spend is $40 PER CHILD and I have agreed to this by registering my child to have their portrait taken during photo week.

- Full payment is due and payable upon ordering. Orders will not be accepted without full payment.

- CHOOSE YOUR IMAGES CAREFULLY. Once the order has been placed, funds are not refundable. Why? Your images are personal to you. Unlike a clothing store where items can be resold to someone else, your photographs can not.

- If purchasing digital photographs, ensure you check the image accurately before purchasing. Given the instant downloadable nature of this product, under no circumstances will a refund or exchange be given if you make the wrong selection.

- Printed Photographs will be delivered to your childcare centre for collection.

- Digital files are provided as high resolution JPEG files via email to the email address you provide. Images will be provided fully edited, including minor touch ups of runny noses and temporary bumps and scratches plus tonal conversions if applicable. Note permanent scars, cleft pallets, birth marks and the like are not removed in post editing.

- The photographer is not responsible for photographs not taken as a result of the client’s failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation. The photographer is not responsible if the client and/or key individuals fail to appear or cooperate during the portrait session or for missed images due to details not revealed to Photographer.

- The Photographer retains Copyright of ALL photographs and hereby grants the Client unlimited but nonexclusive rights to use or reproduce non water-marked photographs for personal use only. Images may not be used for commercial business use, publication, competition or modelling portfolio building without the express permission of the photographer. All photographs are protected by Copyright Law.

- Bump to Bounce Photography takes great pride in presenting a finished product, fully edited to ensure maximum quality and standard. The Client is not permitted to alter the photographs in any way including colour conversion, adding filters or any alteration that deters from the Photographers finished product.

- Where permission is granted, the Client grants the Photographer unrestricted right to use and publish photographs for editorial, trade, advertising and other purposes that promote Bump to Bounce Photography.

- I understand all costs involved in the session and agree to make payment in the specified time.

- I will not hold the Photographer responsible for any accidental injury incurred before, during or post the session.


We guarantee you will receive professional quality photographs of your little one at their daycare, preschool, family daycare or childcare centre.

We guarantee to capture your child's personality. We will do our utmost to capture genuine, natural smiles, laughs and their individual expressions.

At Bump to Bounce Photography we value and respect you and your child’s privacy. Extraneous images taken of your child are deleted and images presented along with data collected for the purposes of fulfilling your order are archived securely. Photographs will never be onsold to a third party. Photographs will not be used for promotional purposes without your permission.

Is there an error in your order?

- We are human, and from time to time, a photograph may be printed in error or missed. Simply return the incorrect photographs to your Centre and email us at to let us know. We will fix it up for you as soon as we can.

- Note, that digital photographs carry a strict no return or exchange policy, it is important to choose your digital photographs carefully.

If you love your preschool portraits, please share your experience with your friends and families who attend
other Centre’s so they too can enjoy beautiful memories of this time in their childhood!

Who is the Photographer

My name is Rebecca Jones, I am a professional photographer who specialises in little people (most of my clients are aged 0-6 years old). I photograph literally thousands of beautiful little faces across numerous childcare centres every year.

As one of The Illawarra's most sought after baby and children's photographer, I have developed a unique technique of photographing little ones that induces beautiful, natural, genuine expressions. Coupled with professional grade equipment and sourcing of the best printer and products, you will receive unrivalled quality photographs of your little treasures.

I spent years working at the head office of The Illawarra's largest daycare provider so I am well versed in the childcare industry, childcare policy and know how to work with childcare educators.

I also coach and mentor other photographers in the art of childcare photography, working with childcare centres and in how to draw the best out of your little ones. My experience therefore goes far beyond taking pretty pictures.

I am a mother to two little dudes, aged 4yo and 6yo.

Come on over to our 'Meet your Photographer' page where you can find out a bit more about me!

Self Portrait

Get in touch!

Have we missed something? Do you have any questions? Please get in touch, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Warm regards

Rebecca Jones

Professional Photographer

Preschool Portraits by Bump to Bounce Photography

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